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September 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

"A Time to Sow"

Ok, ok. So I'm TERRIBLE at this 365 day image challenge. When you are a working wife and mom it is HARD. But, since Fall is now here,
here is an image to warm your heart and put you in the Autumn mood.
Last weekend I took my boys to the Johnny Appleseed Festival. It is our annual tradition (minus last year when I was just too lazy to go. Crowds. I hate them!)
I always enjoy the smells and the scenery (and the weird people. Don't judge! You know you like to people watch, too!)
But what I love even more are the colors. So warm. So inviting.
It screams "go eat a caramel apple right now!"
The beauty of God's creation is all around us.
Just think about it.
How amazing that the leaves can turn and fall, only to regrow again in the Spring?
Isn't that how life is? You die a little bit
You go through the yuckiness of life.
But then a new season comes and the dead is brought back to life.
It's a time of Harvest for me.
For a long time I have felt dead. Like I was in a standstill, in a valley in a dry season.
But all of those seeds that were planted started to grow....
even in the darkest and driest valley.
And the time has come now where it's time to harvest what was planted so long ago.
I have planted so many "seeds" the last few years and I felt like there would never be a day when I will see an abundance from that planting season.
But thank God for His provision.
Thank God for his mercies.
I can see now that the seeds I have planted and sown for so long have finally grown and I didn't even know it.
And now it's time reap.




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