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Jake and Karly Married

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Lexi's Senior Session: Fort Wayne, IN Senior Photographer Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session Lexi's Senior Session

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Josh and Melissa: Fort Wayne, IN Wedding Photography Josh and Melissa
​Fort Wayne, IN

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Kyle and Janet's 5 Year Anniversary: Fort Wayne, IN Photography I had the opportunity back in June to photograph this amazing couple. I captured their wedding 5 years ago and had the pleasure to work with them once again. They truly are a couple that LOVE LOVE LOVE each other <3 I admire their faith, strength and courage that they have had to endure the past few years. May God truly bless you guys and your future together.

Love ya!



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Baby Grayson Baby Grayson
Fort Wayne, IN Baby Photographer

Meet my newest nephew, Grayson! So happy I had the honor of photographing this little guy. I gush over him but don't you blame me?? SUCH a smoochy boy. Had a difficult time getting all three of the kids together to smile with his action Jaxon big brother running around. But I managed to grab a few. Had to wait to post until after Mother's Day since it was a present to the grandmas.

I love my family. SO BLESSED <3


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Mikalya's Maternity Session A couple of weeks ago I had to opportunity to dust off my photography skills since I feel like I haven't used them ALL WINTER. It felt good to get out and start shooting again. It was a beautiful, warm and breezy day. Ya know, when it actually felt like SPRING out :) 
Can't wait to meet baby Calhoun. He will be quite the charmer, I am sure. BABY BOYS are so FUN!



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Fort Wayne Christmas Mini Session: Fort Wayne, IN Photographer Imagine....

Your ADORABLE kids, nestled up in front of a fireplace and a Christmas tree. Snuggled up in their jammies and hot cocoa and cookies, ready for Santa to come deliver them their favorite toys.

And imagine YOU not having to worry about what to give Grandma for Christmas. Framed photos with your precious babies is what she REALLY wants. So just think, having your gifts all ready to go, wrapped and under the tree BEFORE the craziness of the holidays hit.

Wouldn't that be great?

So, this holiday season leave the stress on us.

We will have the complete setup ready to go. All you need to bring are your precious babies and maybe even a special lovey :)

To get in on this AWESOME deal email us at We'd love to answer any questions you may have, any hesitations or concerns.

This is going to be ADORABLE and SO MUCH FUN and I'd hate for you to miss out on such a great opportunity.

Get your pj's ready and let's go!


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Fort Wayne Indiana Christmas Mini

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Dakota Columbia City High School 2016: Columbia City Senior Photography

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Averi and Elli: Fort Wayne, IN Children's Photographer Averi and Elli

These are my sweet cousins. Yes. Cousins :)
Although they feel much more like nieces to me.
I am so glad that I get the watch them grow up, especially with my own kids.
I better not blink....
Growing up TOO fast.




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Baby Judah: Fort Wayne, IN Newborn Photographer Baby Judah

I had the opportunity to photograph my cousin and his wife's BEAUTIFUL baby boy.
This baby is such a blessing and I am so grateful for the opportunity to photograph such a special time in their lives.
May your little family grow to know and love each other more and more each day.
I am so excited for you and I can't wait to watch Judah grow!



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365 Images "A Time to Sow": Fort Wayne, IN Fine Art Photographer 12/365
"A Time to Sow"

Ok, ok. So I'm TERRIBLE at this 365 day image challenge. When you are a working wife and mom it is HARD. But, since Fall is now here,
here is an image to warm your heart and put you in the Autumn mood.
Last weekend I took my boys to the Johnny Appleseed Festival. It is our annual tradition (minus last year when I was just too lazy to go. Crowds. I hate them!)
I always enjoy the smells and the scenery (and the weird people. Don't judge! You know you like to people watch, too!)
But what I love even more are the colors. So warm. So inviting.
It screams "go eat a caramel apple right now!"
The beauty of God's creation is all around us.
Just think about it.
How amazing that the leaves can turn and fall, only to regrow again in the Spring?
Isn't that how life is? You die a little bit
You go through the yuckiness of life.
But then a new season comes and the dead is brought back to life.
It's a time of Harvest for me.
For a long time I have felt dead. Like I was in a standstill, in a valley in a dry season.
But all of those seeds that were planted started to grow....
even in the darkest and driest valley.
And the time has come now where it's time to harvest what was planted so long ago.
I have planted so many "seeds" the last few years and I felt like there would never be a day when I will see an abundance from that planting season.
But thank God for His provision.
Thank God for his mercies.
I can see now that the seeds I have planted and sown for so long have finally grown and I didn't even know it.
And now it's time reap.



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365 Images "Stay": Fort Wayne Children Photography 11/365


Precious boy,
please stay little forever.
You are my 2nd born
my baby.
You are growing up too fast.
I wish I could make time stand still for just a moment.
Moments like this is what I live for.
I cherish these memories.
Because in a blink of an eye you will be gone
and on your own.
But for now I will enjoy this.
This moment of pure joy.
Protect my boys.
Guide them.
Direct them.
Lead them down the right path.
And may they never forget the Love you have for them.




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365 Images "Glass Half Full" 10/365
"Glass Half Full"


Is your glass half empty?
Is your glass half full?
Bad times come.
You travel through valleys.
There are days that you don't think you can take one more step.
But, is your glass half empty?
Do you feel hopeless?
Or is your glass half FULL?
Do you take the hard times and grow from them?
Stay positive.
Keep moving.
God has a bigger plan than you.
Fill up that glass and keep it half full.


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365 Images "A New Season": Fort Wayne, IN Fine Art Photographer 9/365
"A New Season"


I was reminded today that Fall is just around the corner.
Although it feels a lot like summer still
The colors are changing
and the days are getting shorter.
Vibrant colors.
Cool evenings.
Crisp, cool air.
I look forward to cooler days
and brightly colored leaves as they fall.
I am reminded that every season comes and goes.
We are entering a new season
and a new season of life.
I am looking forward to fresh beginnings
and new adventures.


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365 Images "Change": Fort Wayne, IN Fine Art Photography 8/365


I skipped yesterday because, well, life just got crazy...
and that's ok.
The world moves on :)

This week I made a big decision.
I decided to accept a new position at another company.
I made the decision to move on from the preschool and step into a new career.
I am excited for the opportunity, but scared as well.
I went to bed very unsure. I had mixed feelings and was anxious.
"Did I make the right decision?"
"What if I fail?"
"What if I'm not good enough?"
And then I saw this butterfly outside of my house.
So beautiful.
So peaceful.
And it reminded me of what a butterfly represents.
It represents resurrection.
Endurance, change, hope, and life.
All which I am about to experience as I take this next step into the unknown.
Change is scary.
Change is good.
There is hope for my future and there is life.
And as long as Christ is in me, I can do anything.
I am made new.


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365 Images "By Faith": Fort Wayne Fine Art Photography 7/365
"By Faith"


Reading and studying the scripture tonight.
I'm having to make some big decisions.
Tough decisions.
New doors are open
and it's time for me to step in.
But fear overtakes me and Satan says
"Nope. This is not for you."
I stop dreaming.
I stop believing.
I get comfortable.
And then doubt sets in.
I doubt God.
I doubt is plans.
And I become afraid.
Afraid of change.
Afraid of failure.
But then God reminds me that
all I need to do is have faith.
Live by faith.
Walk by faith
and believe.



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365 Images "Sisters": Fort Wayne, IN Childrens Photographer 6/365

She is more precious than jewels,
and nothing you desire can compare with her.
Proverbs 3:15



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Sweet Nectar: Fort Wayne, IN Fine Art Photographer 5/365
"Sweet Nectar"

Today, while running my garage sale I got bored.
I am embarrassed to say that I have terrible weeds!
But, not all weeds are ugly!
I found a fly eating nectar from this weed.
Weeds are known to be ugly beasts!
But, instead it is beautiful.
Something beautiful can come from something so ugly.
And the only ugly I see is....
that nasty fly :)


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